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Where the blame really should fall for rising gas prices

March 7, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Don't blame President Obama for our gas prices. First of all a few decades ago the Alaskan pipeline was built. Then we went and sold a good share to other countries for higher prices. Why didn't we keep most of it for our country?

Right now we get about 40 percent of our oil from Mexico because Bush made a deal with them.

Now Canada wants to build a pipeline that goes to Mexico through some U.S. states. So far our president is against this project. He may change his mind if we can make a deal to buy at a decent price!

Then we have oil wells being drilled in North Dakota with good results. There are 1,400 men employed on this project.

Now look at Saudi Arabia which is just completing a huge refinery in the desert which will pump a large amount of oil. They want to make a deal with the USA.

The real culprits are Iran, China and Russia who have and really control the prices of crude oil. They have been our prime enemies for quite some time. Russia's main income is oil and its leader Putin has almost balanced the budget. Iran also is another huge problem for us. They hate our country. Their goal is to raise a barrel of oil to $135. China gets about 45 percent of Iran's oil supply and also about 40 percent from Russia.

Barb Mosch




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