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Where did winter go?

March 17, 2012
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

Back in December, I interviewed Samuel Lutheran School students for Independent Views, asking them how much snow they figured would fall this winter. I had the lowest being one inch, while an optimistic student said 55 inches. I don't know exactly how much snow fell on this region, but it certainly wasn't all that many. It's been your basic brown and mild winter for most part.

I was standing outside on Tuesday night and realized that it was 60 degrees outside. At midnight. On March 13. It just doesn't seem logical. Kind of how I?felt last Saturday when I came out of the YMCA with a wet head because I was in the pool. Hey, it's early March and I'm not worried about getting sick because I?didn't dry my hair before going outside.

It was nearly 70 and gorgeous out. The sun was shining, people were wearing shorts, it's just something you don't see too often during the winter.

Unlike last winter, it was easier to travel. No late afternoons of having strong winds blow snow across the road and over your vehicle so you felt you were in a snow tunnel and couldn't see the vehicle in front of you. I?didn't have to go 30 miles per hour driving home from my parents' house in a snowstorm. And so far, only one snow day for schools. Yes, a mild winter does have its advantages.

But it also has its disadvantages. Lack of snowcover means extremely dry conditions. Snowmobilers got like one or two days max around here to go out and about. I?remember seeing one determined snowmobiler by the Clara City/Raymond area trying to make the most of the sparse snow that was in the ditches earlier this year. The rider was mainly plowing through grass. Then there's the danger of potential grass fires. There were a couple or so that came over the scanner this week. I may not have missed the snow, but I?do miss the benefits it brings.

Well now that March has seen sun and temps in the 70s, what do you think the summer will bring? More importantly, what will July be like? Hot and humid? Rainy? Several consecutive days of 100+ degrees? But I'll have to admit, it will be nice to see some green grass in the near future.



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