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Here's a thought for March 16

March 23, 2012
By the Rev. Wesley J. Johnson , Marshall Independent

Wesley United Methodist Church

What is the hardest lesson you have learned?

What is the hardest lesson you have learned in life? I'm not sure of the best answer to that but I know the lesson I wish I didn't have to learn. Life is filled with doing things you don't want to do! I remember being a child/youth and ignoring things I didn't want to do. I quickly learned, the hard way, that I was the one who was hurt for not doing them. Life is constantly filled with doing unpleasant things. But I've learned that it is often from those tasks that I receive the most.

When I was in upper elementary I delivered papers. The daily delivery was fun but I hated collecting money. I was extremely shy and knocking on doors, asking for money, even though it was expected, was the most difficult task in my young life. Many times I got so far behind in collecting that I tore the collection receipts out of my book and absorbed the financial loss from my own earnings. I didn't make a lot of money but it forced me to see how ignoring required tasks hurt me more than anyone.

Jesus' difficult task was thousands of times more serious than collecting money. He knew he would be betrayed, falsely accused and ultimately crucified. He knew this was for the world's benefit and provided a means of salvation to anyone willing to accept his gift. But it still was a task he didn't want to go through. He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane for another option. But after asking he prayed, "Not my will but Yours be done!" Now that this is mentioned, maybe this is the hardest lesson to learn and apply. I need to live my life not fulfilling my desires but God's desires. Whether God's will is something I rejoice in or wish to ignore, I will always be blessed by following God's will.

We are two weeks away from Good Friday, the day which is the anniversary of Jesus being crucified on the cross. As you approach another Holy Week (the last week of Jesus' life on earth before Easter) tell God and show God that you will do God's will no matter how much you wish to ignore it. Commit yourself to attend special services at a church of your choice. Ask God through prayer what God's will for you is. Commit yourself to listen to the Holy Spirit and act upon what you feel God impresses you to do. Even if you don't want to do it, follow God's leading and God will bless you and bless others through you.



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