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Short takes for April 13

April 13, 2012
Marshall Independent

The city needs color

THUMBS DOWN: How tight are city budgets? Here's a good example. There is no budget for the city of Marshall for flowers for its parks or downtown this year, or in the immediate future. We know - no flowers? Big deal. We have bigger issues. But it is kind of a big deal - maybe not in the grand scheme of things, maybe not for everyone, but there plenty of people in town who appreciate a nice garden of flowers in a park, or some extra color scattered up and down the streets of downtown. The city has planted flowers in parks and the downtown area for years, providing an inviting attraction for everyone. So we think it is important to doll up the city during the spring and summer months. The good news is, the Rotary Clubs of Marshall and the Schwan Food Co. have stepped up financially and will provide labor to spruce up the town. Still, more money is needed, which is why the Rotary Clubs have announced a "Spring Bling 2012" project in the community. About $4,000 is needed to fund this year's project, $5,000 for 2013. Give the Rotary a call (532-5565) and see how you can help.

'Inappropriate' is being kind

THUMBS DOWN: An investigation is under way into an alleged "inappropriate relationship" former Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn had with a female employee. Minnesota's ex-Senate Majory Leader Amy Koch resigned her post after her "inappropriate relationship" with a former Senate staffer, who was promptly fired and now wants to expose female staffers who had past affairs with legislators and were not fired. The Arkansas football coach has been fired after admitting to an "inappropriate relationship" with a newly-hired employee half his age. These are just recent samples of what looks to be a disturbing trend among those hired, or elected, to lead. What's going on here? Do those with power check their morals at the door more often than their predecessors, or are they just not very good at being bad? The mighty are falling because they're making bad personal decisions, and are letting down their companies, employers, and colleagues. They should all be embarrassed and we for them.

Storm spotting

THUMBS UP: It was good to see so many local law enforcement, fire fighters and emergency personnel take part in last week's storm spotter training at SMSU. We know the weather can turn from sunny and sticky to dark and dangerous in an instant in Minnesota, and it should be comforting to all that there are people, trained people, who hurry outside of city limits to keep an eye on the weather as a storm system closes in. We were all witness last July to the devastating effects a major storm can have, and it's important to have citizens willing to put themselves out there to watch out for their communities.



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