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Tiger track excels at home meet

April 18, 2012
By Matt Dahlseid ( , Marshall Independent

MARSHALL - The Marshall boys and girls track and field teams have been showing improvement in each meet they've been in so far this spring, and Tuesday in their first home meet of the season, the Tigers got to show the Marshall crowd how much the work they've put in has paid off.

Several Tigers set new personal bests as both Marshall squads finished in first place in the four-team meet at Marshall Middle School. The Tiger girls ran away with the competition, finishing with 112 points. Montevideo, their nearest competitor, had 45 points, while Lakeview and Yellow Medicine each had a team score of 13.

The Marshall boys held off a strong Montevideo squad, finishing with 82 points to the Thunder Hawks' 73. YME came in third with a team score of 26 and Lakeview was fourth with five points.

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Photo by Matt Dahlseid
Marshall’s Beau Bofferding runs ahead of the pack after making the final turn in the 400-meter dash during Tuesday’s track and field meet in Marshall. Bofferding won the 100-, 200- and 400-meter dashes on Tuesday.

The Tigers had seen Montevideo twice before, and Marshall boys head coach Mike Jacobs was pleased to see his team fend off the Thunder Hawks on Tuesday.

"Well, first of all I'm happy to finish ahead of Monte because from their home meet to Tracy they got quite a bit closer to us - I think they were only within five," Jacobs said. "They came after us today and we didn't have Grant VanKeulen, so I thought that would be a significant thing.

"... I think the kids reacted well to a home meet. You got your parents out here, you got your friends out here, there were a lot of senior and junior boys standing along the sidelines and I think they were motivated by that and by their parents, and really motivated by a beautiful day."

Beau Bofferding was one of many Tigers who excelled on Tuesday, winning each of the three sprint races. He finished with a time of 11.15 seconds in the 100-meter dash, he had a 50.55 in the 400 dash and he finished his day off with a 22.77 in the 200 dash.

A Class AA state qualifier in all three sprints the past two years, Bofferding feels he's the strongest he's ever been now that he's in his senior season. He said taking off the basketball season to focus on strength training in preparation for the track season and his future college football career at Minnesota-Duluth was the right move for him.

"This winter I decided to take basketball off, and to be honest, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made," Bofferding said. "I had all that extra time in the weight room and it really paid off. I'm happy to see these results coming in this April. It helped me a lot. I feel a lot stronger in the 400 and the 200 and a lot quicker in the 100, so it's only helped me and I can't wait to see what happens in May and June."

YME's Jacob Pederson, a sophomore, finished in second place behind Bofferding in all three sprints. He also won the triple jump with a leap of 41 feet, 8.5 inches.

Sting head coach Scott Jans said that Pederson's opportunity to run against an athlete like Bofferding will only help him in his young career.

"He went up against probably the best sprinter in all of the area in Bofferding and he got second in all three with very commendable times," said Jans, whose team was competing in its first outdoor meet of the season. "I think it motivated him significantly because he knew he was going against the best. Now we'll see what happens when we go to a meet when Beau isn't there."

While Bofferding raked up first-place finishes in the sprints, Jacobs noted that his throwers also had a big hand in pushing Marshall past Montevideo. Andre Kack won the shot put with a toss of 45 feet, 5 inches, Brock Baumgarn took second with a personal best throw of 40-7, and Brandon Appel threw his best-ever toss of 38-2.5 to take fourth. Baumgarn also surpassed his personal best in the discus, winning the event with a throw of 131-7.5.

Among other winners for the Tiger boys were Chad DeAustin in both the 1,600 run (4:37.32) and the 800 run (2:06.72), and Andrew Bell in the 3,200 (10:31.64). The Tigers also captured a win in the 4x400 relay.

Lakeview's best performance came from Jonah Dovre in the long jump. He finished third with a leap of 18 feet. He also got fourth in the 300 hurdles, while his brother, Noah, was fourth in the discus with a throw of 109-9.

Winning the girls' team competition by 67 points, the Marshall girls weren't pushed by another squad like the Tiger boys were, but head coach Marie Sample said her athletes were focused on pushing themselves.

"The thing that I always tell the girls is that we don't want to go in with the goal to crush teams, we want to go in with the goal to improve," Sample said. "When we do that and improve, we end up crushing teams at the same time.

"It's really fun to watch these girls grow and believe in what they're doing and accomplishing goals that they didn't think were possible at the beginning of the year."

Marshall's 4x800 relay team sure crushed the competition, winning the event with a time of 10:05.82, which was nearly 48 seconds better than its nearest competitor. Sample said the relay team of Maddie Verschaetse, Haley VanKeulen, Becca Fedde and Jenna Christianson ran the race 14 seconds faster than their previous season best.

Marshall won 16 of 18 events on the day. Along with the win in the 4x800, the Tiger relay teams also won the 4x100 and the 4x400.

The Tigers had multiple individuals win two events. Rachel Miller won the 100-meter intermediate hurdles (17.88) and the pole vault (7-6), Rose Andersen finished first in both the 1,600 (5:50.16) and 3,200 (12:54.98), and Sarah Buysse took the 100 (12.99) and 200 (26.87) dashes.

Senior Dani Crowell was another mutli-event winner for the Tigers, taking first in the discus (98-3) and the shot put (30-9) to continue her strong start to the season. She said she's been enjoying the team atmosphere that's been developing this season, which has helped lead to even more success.

"I think we've been focusing more on the team than on individual events," Crowell said. "I think it's been working and people are cheering more for each other rather than standing off to the side or laying down or something like that. I think there's more of a togetherness, a family-like quality, to the team now."

Other winners for Marshall include Sarah Andersen in the long jump (15-1), Caitlyn Schaeffer in the triple jump (34-3), Brianna West in the high jump (5-1), Verschaetse in the 800 run (2:32.72) and Claire Buysse in the 300 low hurdles (53.00).

YME's top finisher was Amber Balfany, who was second in the 100 dash. Lakeview's Brianna Hoffman led the Lakers with a second-place finish in the 200 dash.

The Marshall track and field teams return to competition Thursday with a meet in Benson.

Boys Team Results: 1. Marshall 82; 2. Montevideo 73; 3. Yellow Medicine East 26; 4. Lakeview 5.

Individual Results

4x800m Relay: 1. Montevideo 9:00.62; 2. YME 9:04.13; 3. Marshall (Hunter Peterson, Blaine Moran, Derek Soupir, Mike Larson) 9:15.11; 4. Lakeview 10:05.02.

110m Hurdles: 1. Spaeth (MONTE) 17.41; 2. Danny West (MAR) 17.83; 3. Reeves (MONTE) 18.08; 4. Dallas Goslar (MAR) 18.12; 5. Anderson YME (18.63.

110m: 1. Beau Bofferding (MAR) 11.15; 2. Pederson (YME) 11.61; 3. Testa (MONTE) 11.80; 4. Enger (MONTE) 11.99; 5. Hoidal (MONTE) 12.95.

4x200m Relay: 1. Montevideo 1:34.27; 2. YME 1:50.26.

1,600m: 1. Chad DeAustin (MAR) 4:37.32; 2. Tanner Bukowski (MAR) 4:46.29; 3. Andrew Bell (MAR) 4:47.24; 4. Varpness (MONTE) 4:58.05; 5. Wade DeAustin (MAR) 5:12.34.

4x100m Relay: 1. Montevideo 47.87; 2. Marshall (ALex Lwowski, Drew Tykwinski, Brock Baumgarn, Jeremiah Barker) 49.57; 3. YME 51.42; 4. Lakeview 54.37.

400m: 1. Bofferding (MAR) 50.55; 2. Pederson (YME) 51.83; 3. Lipinski (MONTE) 53.14; 4. Douglas (MONTE) 53.66; 5. Sam Marshall (MAR) 54.74.

300m Hurdles: 1. Testa (MONTE) 41.35; 2. Janisch (MONTE) 44.16; 3. Spaeth (MONTE) 45.77; 4. Noah Dovre (LV) 45.80; 5. Goslar 47.41.

800m: 1. C. DeAustin (MAR) 2:06.72; 2. Bukowski (MAR) 2:12.57; 3. Varpness (MONTE) 2:19.11; 4. Aparicio (MONTE) 2:19.66; 5. Dezeeuw (MONTE) 2:27.96.

200m: 1. Bofferding (MAR) 22.77; 2. Pederson (YME) 23.66; 3. Lipinski (MONTE) 24.19; 4. Marshall (MAR) 24.65; 5. Stoeckman (MONTE) 26.20.

3,200m: 1. Bell (MAR) 10:31.64; 2. Moran (MAR) 11:08.62; 3. Larson (MAR) 11:10.60: 4. Suflow (MONTE) 11:13.32; 5. Moe (MONTE) 11:25.60.

4x400m Relay: 1. Marshall (Peterson, Marshall, Bukowski, DeAustin) 3:39.52; 2. YME 3:51.35; 3. Montevideo 3:58.07; 4. Lakeview 4:00.37; 5. Montevideo 4:07.92.

Pole Vault: 1. Testa (MONTE) 11-6; 2. Austin Leek (MAR) 11-0; 3. Marziewski (MONTE); 4. Tykwinski 10-0; 5. Savariego (YME) 10-0.

Shot Put: 1. Andre Kack (MAR) 45-5; 2. Baumgarn (MAR) 40-7; 3. Maller (MONTE) 39-4.5; 4. Brandon Appel (MAR) 38-2.5; 5. Luke Bock (MAR) 36-10.5.

High Jump: 1. Enger (MONTE) 6-1; 2. Peterson (MAR) 5-8; 3. Nathan DeRuyck 5-6; t4. DeZeeuw (MONTE) 5-4; t4. Horner (LV) 5-4.

Discus: 1. Baumgarn (MAR) 131-7.5; 2. Cox (YME) 120-8; 3. Brock (MONTE) 110-4; 4. Jonah Dovre (LV) 109-9.

Long Jump: 1. Douglas (MONTE) 18-6; 2. Marshall (MAR) 18-1; 3. Dovre (V) 18-0.

Triple Jump: 1. Pederson (YME) 41-8.5; 2. Douglas (MONTE) 39-9; 3. Testa (MONTE) 39-9; 4. Zachary Drum (MAR) 37-4; 5. DeRuyck 37-0.

Girls Team Results: 1. Marshall 112; 2. Montevideo 45; t3. Yellow Medicine East 13; t3. Lakeview 13.

Individual Results

4x800m Relay: 1. Marshall (Maddie Verschaetse, Haley VanKeulen, Becca Fedde, Jenna Christianson) 10:05.82; 2. Montevideo 10:53.66; 3. Lakeview 14:06.29.

100m Hurdles: 1. Rachel Miller (MAR) 17.88; 2. Shelby Maes (MAR) 18.31.

100m: 1. Sarah Buysse (MAR) 12.99; 2. Balfany (YME) 13.54; 3. Barker (Lakeview) 14.48; 4. Stubblefield (YME) 14.62.

4x200m Relay: 1. Montevideo 1:57.13; 2. YME 1:59.87; 3. Lakeview 2:00.95; 4. Marshall (Katlyn Beebout, Amber Amick, Elizabeth Roseland, Sarah Andersen) 2:04.11.

1,600m: 1. Rose Andersen (MAR) 5:50.16; 2. Kayla Wartner (MAR) 6:10.94; 3. Varpness (MONTE) 6:21.82; 4. Claire Boersma (MAR) 6:23.65; 5. Field (YME) 6:46.39.

4x100m Relay: 1. Marshall (Sydney Griffin, Amick, S. Andersen, Brittany Andreas) 54.55; 2. Montevideo 56.28; 3. YME 56.32; 4. Montevideo 58.85; 5. Lakeview 1:00.47.

400m: 1. Carson (MONTE) 1:05.16; 2. Megan Vogl (MAR) 1:06.92; 3. Stevens (MONTE) 1:16.93.

300m Hurdles: 1. Claire Buysse (MAR) 26.87; 2. Bosch (MONTE) 53.48; 3. Miller (MAR) 53.61.

800m: 1. Verschaetse (MAR) 2:32.72; 2. VanKeulen (MAR) 2:33.14.

200m: 1. S. Buysse 26.87; 2. Hoffman (LV) 29.04; 4. Vogl (MAR) 29.89; 5. Anderson (YME) 30.28.

3,200m: 1. R. Andersen (MAR) 12:54.98; 2. Hofer (MONTE) 13:20.10; 3. Wamstad (MONTE) 13:50.91; 4. Sydney Prorok (MAR) 16:05.36.

4x400m: 1. Marshall (S. Andersen, C. Buysse, Fedde, S. Buysse) 4:18.04; 2. Montevideo 4:31.19; 3. Lakeview 4:48.23.

Pole Vault: 1. Miller (MAR) 7-6; 2. Hogert (YME) 7-0; 3. Wendy Lee (MAR) 6-6.

Shot Put: 1. Dani Crowell (MAR) 30-9; 2. Celeste Werner (MAR) 29-4; 3. VanMoer (LV) 28-7.5; 4. Williams (MAR) 27-10.

High Jump: 1. Brianna West (MAR) 5-1; 2. Bosche (MONTE) 5-0; t3. Lecy (YME) 4-10; t3. Jans (YME) 4-10.

Discus: 1. Crowell (MAR) 98-3; 2. Longworth (MONTE) 87-9; 3. Bennett (MAR) 84-10; 4. Hoffman (LV) 73-0.

Long Jump: 1. S. Andersen (MAR) 15-1; 2. Griffin (MAR) 15-3; 3. Mathys (LV) 14-6; 4. Caitlyn Schaeffer (MAR) 14-5; 5. Christianson (MAR) 14-1.

Triple Jump: 1. Schaeffer (MAR) 34-3; 2. Verschaetse (MAR) 31-11; 3. Griffin (MAR) 31-10; 4. Christianson (MAR) 31-7.



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