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Short takes for April 27

April 27, 2012
Marshall Independent

Still waiting on Walz challenger

SIDEWAYS THUMBS: After more than 14 hours and 23 ballots, one would think a candidate to take on DFL Congressman Tim Walz in the 1st District would've won out, but it didn't happen in a recent GOP district convention that was supposed to filter out Walz's challenger - either state Sen. Mike Parry or activist Allen Quist, neither of whom got close to the 60 percent of votes needed to win the endorsement. The final ballot put Quist at 52 percent, meaning another convention will have to take place soon. Is this a bad sign for the GOP? Not necessarily, but the fact that neither candidate was able to garner the endorsement might not bode well for the party come November and raises the electability question of the eventual winner to new heights.

Former library building to county

THUMBS UP: The Marshall city council couldn't really miss on this one, and although some disagree with how things played out at Tuesday's council meeting, we support the idea of Lyon County buying the former library building and turning it into the permanent home for the county museum. The two original bid proposals that weren't chosen were from the Lyon County Historical Society, which can now relocate the museum, and Marshall Public Schools, which would have moved the alternative school into the old building. While we congratulate the museum for getting a new home, we hold out hope that a new home can also be found for Marshall East Campus Learning Alternatives. Should that happen, in the end, everyone can come out on the winning end. And this might be a blessing in disguise for the school - looking at the big picture, the downtown area isn't the ideal place for MECLA.

Getting things done in St. Paul

SIDEWAYS THUMBS: We're not sure why sessions always play out like this, but there seems to be more of an urgency to get things done at the state Capitol in the last couple of weeks than there had been all session. It could be because majority leaders want to adjourn early this year - three weeks early - for some reason. Our theory is that it's an election year and they want to start campaigning as soon as possible. We like to see things getting done at the Capitol, we expect it, but we wish things would move this swiftly right from the beginning. This year's session has been clogged with constitutional amendments, and there's also some scuttlebutt flying around about some stadium, too, so our legislators truly have had their hands full. It makes us wonder if this is a good year for them to attempt to make an early break from the Capitol. Getting things done is one thing, forcing things to get done because of an agenda is another.



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