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GOP agenda threatens education standards

April 28, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Democrats claim that Republicans are embracing "stupid" but apparently most Democrats don't understand why. The Republican Party has targeted and strongly appeals to people who, as children, suffered in school. Because they did not perform well in school they were embarrassed and sometimes harassed by teachers, other students, and maybe even parents. I have learned a lot from listening to many guests like this when they visit my resort and do a little drinking. Because I'm a teacher they frequently will start a conversation with stories of school trauma, rebellion, or detention hall as a child. In a Tuesday night speech Romney said "We are not stupid."

The 13 most poorly educated states all went for Republican McCain in 2008.

Republicans in 2008 put forward a VP candidate who clearly was undereducated and unfit to take over the leadership of the United States. She made "stupid" popular among her lesser-educated constituency.

The 2012 campaign has barely begun and Republican advertising is already complaining that Obama spent too much time at Harvard and the University of Chicago and that this education makes him unfit to lead the most powerful country in the world.

Candidate Rick Santorum said not to go to college because Obama wants to "brain wash" kids.

Since 1980 Republicans want to end all federal funding for education and the Department of Education.

Republicans in a dozen states have introduced legislation to eliminate free public education and to privatize schools charter schools.

Our ancestors had the vision to create a system of free public education that would create the highest levels of literacy in the world. The Republican anti-education agenda threatens this vision. But the Democrats seem to be blind as to why this is attractive to so many people. It started in kindergarten and it's something we need to fix. There needs to be more than one educational path to a middle class life style and personal dignity. You shouldn't have to have a college education to be able to afford a decent life. That's just plain stupid. But so is an anti-education agenda.

John Gochenouer




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