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Short takes for May 4

May 4, 2012
Marshall Independent

He said what?

THUMBS DOWN: Here's what's wrong with politics in Minnesota (this will come as no surprise, but a legislator's quote this week really slaps one in the face): "The time for compromise is over." That little gem came from Republican House Taxes Chairman Greg Davids, who was referring to the tax bill the GOP has put forward. "The time for compromise is over?" No, Mr. Davids, it's not over, at least it shouldn't be. Now is when both sides must compromise until they're blue in the face. They didn't last summer when trying to fix the state's budget deficit and look how that ended up. The tax bill and bonding bill need to get resolved but won't unless compromise plays a role. Saying "the time for compromise is over" comes across as an empty threat and an insult to voters. Essentially, what Davids is saying is, "We've done our work, now it's up to the governor." It worked for Republicans in 2011, but it won't this year. Compromise is how things get done - politicians from both sides say that all the time - so how will anything be accomplished without it? (see the 2011 session for proof). "The time for compromise is over" is a good, grabbing sound bite for the media to jump on, but we don't agree with it at all.

Little late for new plans

THUMBS DOWN: In another questionable move at the Capitol, GOP leaders this week, saying they lacked the votes to pass a previously-proposed stadium bill, called for shrinking the state's contribution to a new stadium by eliminating the roof and using general obligation bonds to help pay for the stadium. The idea of a roofless stadium made no sense a year ago and it made even less sense in this, the 11th hour. Thankfully, Republicans acknowledged that and dropped the idea, and later gave up on the idea of throwing the stadium into the construction projects package. Gov. Mark Dayton this week demanded an up-or-down vote on the stadium plan that has already been proposed and gone through committee after committee; he'll get that vote Monday. We think the best way to go to help pay for the stadium is a combination of user fees and expanded gaming - ideas that were proposed long ago.

SMSU?golfers to regions

THUMBS UP: Congratulations and good luck to the SMSU women's golf team which was chosen this week to take part in the 54-hole NCAA Division II Central Region Tournament at Sierra del Rio Golf Course in Elephant Butte, N.M., which begins Sunday. It's the fourth straight year SMSU has qualified for the NCAA region tournament and the ninth time in school history. SMSU made five straight appearances in the regional tournament from 2002-06. SMSU finished seventh in last year's regional held at Hillcrest Golf Club in St. Paul. SMSU will begin first round action on Sunday. SMSU's highest finish in a region tournament was third place in 2004. SMSU has also finished fourth three times (2002, 2005, 2006), seventh three times (2009, 2010, 2011) and sixth once (2003).



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