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It’s time for Vikings to dig a little deeper

May 10, 2012
Marshall Independent

The Minnesota Legislature is forcing the Vikings to compromise and meet the state in the middle when it comes to their share of stadium costs, and it has every right to.

A day after the House proposed making the Vikings pay an additional $105 million for the stadium, the Senate on Tuesday voted for legislation that calls for the team to put forth an additional $25 million.

Whether it was planned or not, this sets up the perfect scenario for the state because not only does it tell the Vikings they need to pay more, it also sets some parameters that should make the team find some common ground and cough up some more dough.

The Vikings should pay more, but we're not convinced yet they will. However, at least now they know what the state expects of them. At the least, they compromise with both chambers and split the difference at $65 million.

The moves by the House and Senate this week are part of the negotiations, and even though the deals might make the bill appear less appealing to the Vikings, we're sure they knew this was coming.

We're still not big fans of the expansion of gambling in Minnesota, but if it ends up creating enough revenue while giving local charities a tax break, we'll deal with it.

Now the bills go off to conference committee where the Vikings and their ownership team will get involved. We hope they consider paying more, because if they refuse to, we don't see a positive outcome to a stadium soap opera that needs to come to some kind of conclusion before time on the 2012 sessions runs out.

Forcing the Vikings to pay more is a risk, but it's a calculated one. But there's strength in numbers and legislators are betting they won't walk away from negotiations over a refusal to pay more and eventually will agree to pay a greater share for their new home.



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