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Massmann makes her mark as top salesperson

May 28, 2012
By Karin Elton , Marshall Independent

GRANITE FALLS - She started the same year the company was launched and both have flourished.

Granite Falls resident Trisha Massmann is a top seller of mark cosmetics, the sister company to Avon. She is one of the Top 100 local representatives in the United States.

She began selling mark in 2003 when the company launched - helping to support herself during college at Alexandria Technical where she was majoring in child development.

"I saw an ad for mark representatives," Massmann said. "I like it because you don't have to place orders every month - you can go six months without placing an order if you want to. There is less pressure."

Massmann said she used her earnings to buy products with a 30 percent discount - "things I would have been buying anyway."

She has always had an interest in beauty and beauty products, she said.

"I like seeing what the new trends are," she said.

She said mark cosmetics started out as being directed toward younger women, but that is not the case anymore.

"I have customers from my 8-year-old cousin to my grandma," she said.

Massmann took a break from the company when she got married and had children.

Her mentor continued to e-mail her about the latest news and information and "I was a little bit of a snot - I told her to not send me so many e-mails."

But then in 2010, Massmann was wearing a winter hat with a flower on the side that she bought from the company and received so many compliments and inquiries from people that it inspired her to start selling again.

"I sold eight or 10 in a week," she said. "I e-mailed my mentor saying I was sorry I was snotty and I would love any tips that you can give me."

A company incentive for a trip to New York City also was an inspiration to her. If a representative could sell $2,000 worth of products in a certain period of time, she would win a three-day, all-expenses paid trip to New York.

"In two weeks I (only) made $200, roughly 10 percent of the goal, so I texted all my friends asking if they would host mark parties," she said.

Four responded that they would and over four days she had completed her goal.

"I was so excited," she said. "I went with two other girls from my team and my mentor."

In New York, they had a little time for sight-seeing, but mainly they hung out at the conference and learned about new products and received "behind-the-scenes" information, she said. Her favorite part was watching a demonstration by celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg.

"I learned a lot of tips and tricks," Massmann said.

Massmann became a mentor "about a month ago," she said. She now has 204 women she mentors. She mainly communicates with her team members via Facebook, e-mail and phone since they are spread out through mainly the Midwest.

Massmann said mark has grown over the years and is in the midst of a big change. It currently costs $20 to start selling with a small line of products worth about $70.

"They aren't very impressive," Massmann said of the products that come with the current deal. Soon it will cost $99 to receive a starter kit which will include about $250 worth of products. And with the new multi-level marketing business model, "you can make money right off the bat."

Massmann said it's easy to sell the products. You wear the products and when someone inevitably compliments you and asks you where you got it, you say, "here's a magalog, here's my card."



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