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‘Don’t reinforce…’ response, Part I

June 7, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

I have some questions for the ladies who wrote the 5-19 'Don't reinforce society's prejudices':

1: "Scientific research has led the medical and psychological community to recognize that being gay, lesbian, or bisexual are normal sexual orientations."

Please cite your supporting study and a definition of "normal." In addition to your three orientations, the Australian Human Rights Commission adds; transgender, trans, transsexual, intersex, androgynous, agender, cross dresser, drag king, drag queen, genderfluid, genderqueer, intergender, neutrois, pansexual, pan-gendered, third gender, third sex, sistergirl and brotherboy. How many of those are to be considered 'normal'?

2. "...the development, adjustment, and well-being of children of lesbian and gay parents do not differ markedly from that of children with heterosexual parents" please cite the supporting study.

3. "Lack of access to marriage even produces an average economic disadvantage of more than $400,000 for a family" - Again, please cite the study. The U.S. Census Bureau says less than 0.6 percent of households are same-sex. What percentage of that group are actually raising a family; and what is their average income?

4. Apparently, in 1973, the American Psychiatric Association took homosexuality off the official list of psychiatric disorders. What was the scientific basis for that decision?

5. You cited examples of bullying; what is your professional assessment of the actions in this video? .

Thanks for keeping the discussion going.

Phil Drietz




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