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Celebrating Independence Day

July 28, 2012
By Gustavo Estrada - Minority advocate , Marshall Independent

For some countries, to celebrate Independence Day is to celebrate a triumph or victory, and for their people, a happiness to celebrate the peace because it built the pillars of their country and independence from another country.

We are in the 21st century and we still see countries fighting for their independence, but I don't want to go there and talk about those countries. I want to talk about how people from other countries feel, think about Independence Day and how they celebrate, and from others that don't have an Independence Day.

I want to talk first about how it is to be Guatemalan and how Guatemalan people celebrate their Independence Day.

Independence Day is September 15 during the school year. Every school has its own uniform, so every school has marching practice every day before Independence Day.

During the day of Independence Day, every school has to go to line up where the parade will start. They march to the stadium where all the schools meet and take part in the celebration, starting with singing the Guatemala National anthem and following with different acts and presentations.

By the end, the fireworks give the impact of the Independence Day celebration. All families are together to celebrate, see their children dressed up in their uniform and be proud of their participation in the Independence Day parade.

After the parade and the gathering celebration is done, some families go to restaurants or go back home where they will be meeting their families and friends and they will continue celebrating.

Some celebrate the Independence Day almost the same way than others, but I want to tell you how people told me about how their countries celebrate Independence Day.

I want to start about how people from USA celebrate and how they feel about this celebration; it is a time to celebrate and become our own county by having picnics, parades, being outside and watching fireworks at night.

And the most important: "It is a time to remember what makes the U.S. a good country.

In Ecuador, it is a day to celebrate that they are independent from Spain. It is a national holiday and each province celebrates with a parade. The Ecuadorians celebrate Independence Day on August 10, but to reach their independence, there was the Pichincha's battle in May 25 that was the legacy to get their independence. For people who live outside of their country there still are memories of activities and family events that are celebrated that day.

How is it for those countries that don't have Independence Day and still don't have land? The Hmong people are one, and how they say, "it is hard for ourselves no to have a country and hurt to see that we don't have or had something like independence and Independence Day. They say the New Year Holiday is a time that helps us to celebrate our culture and traditions. Also it is a time for young people and elders to celebrate and share Hmong history, stories of their ancestors, food, using their traditional costumes and more. For Hmong people who live in the USA, they feel good to celebrate the 4th of July as Independence Day.

Independence means the proudest for each people in their country and values that bring the development of one country.



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