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Facebook status...’At Target Field’

August 18, 2012
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

This past weekend, I didn't think I was actually going to the Twins game as Ross hadn't spoken up soon enough to see if any tickets were left through the West Central Connection Chorus. But on Saturday night, while at a gig in Spicer, he's calling me, saying there's two tickets left, want to go? Even though I was looking forward to a day of relaxing (well, I had thought the game was off), I agreed. Free ticket to a baseball game? Don't want to pass that up; even if the Twins are having a pathetic season to say the least.

So I'm getting up at 7:15 on Sunday morning, something I don't regularly do, to get ready for Ross to pick me up at 8 to head to Target Field. The sky was overcast and gray. I'm consulting Oh yay, rain is in the forecast. And it's only going to get into the 60s. So much for shorts and a T-shirt. I pulled on a sweatshirt, grabbed a jacket (in case it poured) and got in the car to find our way to Minneapolis.

Fortunately, we were able to find Target Field somewhat handily. After shelling out $13 to park, we made the long trek through the skyway and the sidewalk to finally reach the entrance. We were there slightly early, about 11:20 a.m. as Ross had to meet his fellow chorus members at 11:30 so they could all gather to sing the national anthem before the game. I was a little hungry, so I'm looking at the options nearby - hotdogs, nachos and pretzels. All were $4 or more. Heck, I can get a whole package of hot dogs, along with the buns, for the cost of the hot dog I got at the park. But I was starving, and I did expect the food prices to be a little spendy.

Because Ross and the rest of the guys had to be at a certain spot, I was on my own to find our seats. Sure it's my first time at Target Field, but it wasn't too tough to navigate my way to section 140. It's kind of like finding your gate at the airport. I made a small detour into one of the Twins gear shops to check out the T-shirts, jerseys and caps. Didn't get one though.

Section 140 turned out to be another set of metal bleacher seats. And out in the open. Well, at least I had my coat in case it rained. Actually it was too warm to wear my sweatshirt, so I took that off and left it off for the rest of the game. As Target Field had free wi-fi, I logged into Facebook on my Kindle Fire. I'm scrolling through my news feed when I see a friend of mine from Duluth had posted that he too was at Target Field. So I respond with a "me too, where are you at?" He had answered with his section and row. I still had quite a bit of time to kill before the game even started so I trudged the distance between our sections. By that time, the stadium was getting packed with people. I got to where my friend was, said a quick hi, got slightly jealous that he had an actual seat and a roof over his head in case it rained and then made my journey back to section 140 (with another detour to pick up a small pop for $4.25).

After the players were introduced, about 200 barbershoppers from around the state took to the field. Luckily, it was being broadcast on the big screen. With 200 guys singing, you could hear the national anthem loud and clear. I think I caught a glimpse of Ross on the big screen.

Before I knew it, the game had already started. And it started with a homerun from the Tampa Bay Rays. That was quick.

So I settled in to pay attention to the game. And to people watch as well. I was amazed at how much stadium food folks were getting as I watched them trot by with buckets of mini doughnuts, beers, nachos, burgers and fries and ice cream topped with M&Ms in a small plastic ballcap. Cotton candy and kettle corn was being doled out. The only other thing I even ate were pieces of a pretzel Ross had gotten in his search for "something with carbs."

The rain held off with the exception of a three-second sprinkle. The Twins didn't get blown out, but it was tied 3-3 until the 10th inning. It was fun to see Morneau get a home run. And to see the pitcher make an off-handed catch to get a Tampa Bay player out. But Ross started yawning and we still had a drive ahead of us, so we ducked out in the middle of the 10th. Of course that's apparently when Tampa Bay scored four more runs and went on to win 7-3.

The rain that was predicted started falling as we were heading out of the Twin Cities area. I was barely paying attention to where we were because I was helping Ross run lines for "Hamlet" (he plays Claudius, the bad guy) and I basically had my nose in his script. Before I knew it, we were in Glencoe and we stopped for dinner.

And that was the end of a long, fun day.



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