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Short takes for Aug. 24

August 24, 2012
Marshall Independent

The loss of another local artist

THUMBS DOWN: Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Jim Dahl family and those close to him. Even if you didn't know Dahl, who died Sunday, there's a pretty good chance you've seen some of his work. Like James Meger, Dahl died too young. Meger, a renowned wildlife artist from Minneota, died of cancer at age 69 a little less than a year ago. These two local artists - one had his boxes and murals, the other, his fantastic pheasants - were true local treasures who were talented and dedicated to their craft enough to earn the appreciation and respect of people across the state who enjoy art and the outdoors, and both left behind an amazing legacy.

Just drive

THUMBS DOWN: How far have we come in educating the public about distracted driving? Take a quick drive around Marshall and judge for yourself. In doing so, you will see drivers with their heads down (if we're lucky they're sleeping, not texting), drivers reading, drivers cleaning their glasses, etc. On Tuesday afternoon, we saw one driver brushing his teeth at an intersection. Brushing his teeth. BRUSHING HIS TEETH! At least this person stopped long enough to start and complete his turn and go through the intersection, but c'mon folks. None of us are perfect drivers, but you don't have to be to avoid crashes and fender benders - all you have to do is be attentive and drive defensively. Marshall obviously isn't the only city where distracted driving takes place, but it does have some of the busiest streets in the area, which makes it all the more important we all keep our eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and minds on getting from Point A to Point B. Do your makeup and clean your teeth at home.

Akin's big mouth

THUMBS DOWN: Our politicians sure are getting a jump-start in the foot-in-mouth (a.k.a. campaign) season, aren't they? By now you know the story of Rep. Todd Akin, a Republican from Missouri, who commented recently that women's bodies can prevent pregnancies in cases of "legitimate rape." It was a ridiculous thing to say and he's now playing political damage control months before the election. Akin's gaffe could very well cost the Republicans a seat the GOP regards as key to regaining control of the Senate. It also cost Akin on a personal level. He can apologize all he wants, but this is one black eye that won't go away for a while.

Baseball coach hired

THUMBS UP: The coaching vacancies at Marshall High School are getting close to being all filled up now after the hiring of former Tiger Chace Pollock as head baseball coach. It's an obvious hire as Pollock is a local athlete who has served as the assistant baseball coach for three years. We wish Pollock and the rest of the new coaches at the school the best of the luck in their respective upcoming seasons.



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