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Have respect for life

August 30, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

"R-E-S-P-E-C-T- That is what you'll get from me."

This is the beginning of a "sound-off" chant written by my youngest sister and used by her third-grade class in a school in Eau Claire, Wis., before listening to a classroom presenter. In time, the valedictorian from Oklahoma may realize that her commencement audience was deserving of respect, and her question, "How in the he- do I know?" missed the mark. (Independent, Aug. 25, 2012)

Respect for life has been an item in the news, too. Underneath the storm of protest regarding Republican Congressman Todd Akin's misspoken words about rape and a woman's body to deal with it, lies a quiet little thought. Even a life created by rape is worthwhile to God - even if the way in which it was conceived was not according to God's will. A number of years ago, a wonderful story of love unfolded in a nearby state. A young woman was raped by an unknown assailant on a college campus. When she discovered she was pregnant, a decision was made. The girl and her parents decided to care for the baby, along with their church family. A little girl was born and welcomed into the world. Eventually, the girl's mother graduated from college and met a caring young man, who asked her to marry him. There were many tears of joy in the church when the little girl walked in as the flower girl, and then walked down the aisle between her mother and her new father.

Abortion may be necessary to save the life of a mother, but love can save the life of a child.

Trudy Madetzke




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