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We can do better than extremist politics

September 7, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

I am a college student who believes the two dominating parties are taking us down the wrong path to prosperity. Both have a handful of strong points within their political platforms. Many ideals are easily agreeable; however, the candidates they produce come with an unprecedented amount of negative characteristics. As long as voters continue to support these two parties, we will be stuck with politics as usual. Inevitably, voters far too often choose to accept voting along straight party lines. This encourages a greater quantity of political extremes that clash within "my way or the highway" politics. The fact is political extremists have driven a wedge though this country.

Conservatives at the state level need to put religious intolerance aside. We should continue with the social expansion of our rights as individuals. It is our obligation to enhance the bill of rights. Encourage these rights for all members within our society such as gays, unexpected moms, atheists, etc. That statement also includes voter limitations that many of you frantically feel we need because you cannot stand to admit losing two tight Minnesota elections in a row. I still cannot believe the Minnesota GOP is willing to use this "broken voting system" in order to attempt passing constitutional amendments. Rather, these issues should remain in the Legislature.

Liberals at the national level need to wake up to free market reality. Accept the fact that the public sector is far more flawed than the private marketplace. The free market is what drives this economy. There are entitlement programs that have outlived their usefulness, yet make it into budget after budget. The bureaucratic mentality is among the worst constants in politics. The Federal Executive Branch was designed to preserve, protect and defend our United States. The budgets our leaders in D.C. produce do not coincide within this narrow responsibility. The 10th amendment exists to enable state governments to provide the additional regional/social amenities.

We can improve our government by encouraging our leaders to make two changes. First, take the money out of politics. The Super PAC Groups that invest millions every year have corrupted our election process. The Supreme Court should overturn Citizens United v. FCC. Second, expand consecutive term limits by implementing them at all levels of government. Political leaders need to focus on their job, not a re-election campaign.

We need a government that is fiscally responsible: equitable in its collection of taxes, careful in spending, and honest in its financial reporting. We need a government that truly believes all citizens deserve equal rights, protection and opportunity under the law. We need a Government willing to work together, making those difficult compromises. I give credit to Governor Jesse Ventura's first two years in office, when he said he was "fiscally conservative and socially liberal." If only we could bring in another wrestler to sit both parties down and really start to work together. This year I will be writing in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for president.

Joe Stremcha




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