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Marshall pride

September 18, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

Pride...Pride starts from the top and goes down. How do citizens in the city of Marshall learn to have pride in their community? They learn from the leaders of the community.

If the mayor, town board, city officials have pride and show it within the community and give citizens something to be proud of, then in return the citizens will do their part and put pride in their yards, volunteer in the community and give back what they can. When there is a weak point in this process pride within the community begins to fade and starts to show.

Last year water and sewer lines were redone in the neighborhood around the old junior high. After everything was complete the last thing on the agenda was to do the sidewalks, curbs and then reseed grass. Somehow a lazy contractor was in the midst and when grass seed was laid no erosion material was put over it. Once the next storm hit all the seed was washed away leaving nothing but weeds to grow in its place.

After multiple complaints and meetings the city finally was able to get the contractor to come back and fix the problem which resulted in a weed and feed to be put on the neighborhood weed patches causing weeds to die and then come right back since it still wasn't taken care of. The city gave up, stopped listening to concerned citizens and waited for the stir in the area to be forgotten. Now what's left is people not caring for their lawns out of protest. Not wanting to fertilize or overseed or do anything because it is just too bad to do anything except pay a couple grand to redo the entire areas that were involved depending on lot size.

Why should people have to pay to have work done when it isn't their place? They are already paying an extra fee in their assessment taxes. The city decided to just put these neighborhoods on the wayside instead of fixing the problem.

These neighborhoods are next to downtown and have beautiful, historic, architectural homes that add to the city's pride, and now they have yards that take away from their glory. You talk to its residents and they don't even want to talk about their yards, the only expressions ever received are silent - the saddened face, the shake of the head, the clench of the fist, etc.

It's time for the city to take its roles in this and other areas to put the pride back in its people rather than allow these things to happen.

Either that or they should step aside for someone that has some pride and true leadership to take their place.

Timothy Clausen




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