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Area volleyball leaderboard

October 20, 2012
Marshall Independent

Stats through regular season

NOTE: This is the fifth volleyball leaderboard of the season. The next leaderboard will be released following the state volleyball tournament. Coaches must email their final stats into sports editor Matt Dahlseid at at the conclusion of their season to be included in the final leaderboard.

Fact Box

Kills (per set/total)
Kenzie Beekman, Marshall5.6/401
Taylor Reiss, Minneota4.9/376
Taylor Gorder, Canby4.6/369
Mari Lee, D-B4.4/209
Kristi Bose, MCC3.8/227
Paige Erickson, WWG3.2/278
Molly Hennen, Minneota3.2/245
Chelsey Guetter, Wabasso3.0/220
Tegan VanMoer, Lakeview2.8/222
Sydney Griffin, Marshall2.8/202
Dayna Comnick, WWG2.8/245
Janel Wichern, RTR2.5/141
Desi Kramer, Wabasso2.4/176
Justine Lee, D-B2.4/117
Chloe Arfsten, RRC2.2/134
Jenna Stoneberg, TMB2.2/181
Alli Boerboom, Lakeview2.1/161
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview2.1/164
Service Aces
Abby Herding, WWG57
Dayna Comnick, WWG49
Kimberly Frank, Wabasso43
Taylor Schreier, MCC41
Hannah Jessen, Canby39
Angela Tauer, Marshall39
Taylor Gorder, Canby38
Maci Louwagie, Marshall38
Mikaela Smith, RRC38
Alli Boerboom, Lakeview36
Rachel Sanow, Marshall36
Madi Nelson, Lakeview35
Desi Kramer, Wabasso34
Taylor Reiss, Minneota33
Dani Kontz, Canby32
Hannah Jessen, Canby411
Hannah Bennett, Marshall401
Anna Peterson, TMB352
Hannah Schmidt, MCC318
Molly Hennen, Minneota309
Kristi Bose, MCC286
Brooke Rasmussen, RRC275
Kelli Soupir, TMB251
Taylor Gorder, Canby248
Tegan VanMoer, Lakeview242
Kenzie Beekman, Marshall238
Megan Larson, Minneota238
Kylie Schuelke, D-B235
Dayna Comnick, WWG233
Shelby Corbin, Minneota225
Chelsey Guetter, Wabasso225
Desi Kramer, Wabasso219
Hailey Matthys, Lakeview207
Paige Erickson, WWG207
Hailey Osland, WWG205
Kimberly Frank, Wabasso204
Kassidy Przymus, TMB200
Ace Blocks
Brianna Hoffman, Lakeview77
Fern Engen, RRC64
Alayna Pederson, Canby60
Hanna Prellwitz, Minneota60
Ricki Kallhoff, Canby59
Hailey Osland, WWG59
Katie Larsen, RRC54
Chelsey Guetter, Wabasso54
Callie Graff, Marshall50
Dana Schaefer, RTR50
Justine Possail, RTR48
Morgan Frank, Wabasso48
Taylor Reiss, Minneota48
Sydney Griffin, Marshall47
Desi Kramer, Wabasso38
Emma Doyle, Marshall36
Mindy Goblirsch, Wabasso36
Set Assists
Megan Larson, Minneota769
Abby Herding, WWG684
Kristy Schmidt, Canby668
Cassie Hook, TMB583
Kimberly Frank, Wabasso430
Sydney Griffin, Marshall384
Rachel Sanow, Marshall332
Destinee Strand, RTR311
Justine Flattum, D-B261
Mikaela Smith, RRC259
Kana Barker, Lakeview257
Madi Nelson, Lakeview253
Tegan Derickson, RRC246
Larissa Rohlik, Wabasso219
Andrea Lee, D-B204
Did Not Report: Yellow Medicine East.



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