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Concerns with marriage amendment

October 23, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

This year the Minnesota election ballot contains two amendments to our Constitution. One restricts access to marriage, the other access to voting. Both issues impact family and friends that we care about deeply. Is using the Constitution to deny access to marriage and voting what the framers of the constitution intended? This letter will focus on concerns with the marriage amendment.

Minnesota already, that's right already, has a law that prohibits marriage for same-sex couples. That worked out fine for our youngest daughter who married a fine young man this summer. We couldn't be happier for the two of them. Our oldest daughter who happens to be a lesbian does not have that opportunity because of a law already on the books. The marriage amendment if passed would make it very difficult for future generations to change this. Voting against this amendment allows us to at least have hope for more conversation, perhaps even someday change present Minnesota law and allow her to join in a committed and loving marriage relationship. Marriage in any faith is about love, responsibility and commitment. How can we in good conscience ever deny a loving couple of different sex or same sex, the opportunity to share one of the richest areas of human experience? We love all of our children. We want our oldest daughter to someday be able to marry the woman she loves. Love is love. It is that simple. Please vote no.

Darwin and Lori Dyce




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