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Vote ‘no’ on marriage amendment

October 23, 2012
Marshall Independent

To the editor:

What founding principal made America unique in 1776? The separation of church and state. Up until that point in history, religious laws were the laws of the state. The first settlers that came to America came to escape religious oppression. Fast foward a couple hundred years and we are facing an unprecedented effort to inject religious laws into our state's constitution. Why has Christianity now decided their religious laws should be law of the land? If we allow the marriage amendment to pass, the laws of the state will be oppressing the marriage rights of non Christians. America was founded on religious freedom as an escape from religious persecution. Does this sound like the America, intolerant of others religious views, that you know or want?

Let's tackle this from a different angle. Say out loud "Those two people shouldn't be allowed to marry because they are homosexual." To some this statement doesn't sound disrespectful or discriminatory so let's try another minority group. Say out loud, "Those two people shouldn't be allowed to get married because they are African American." Whoa, that sounds horrible. Let's try one more, Say out loud "Those two people shouldn't be allowed to get married because they are Hispanic." Again, another horrible statement. If the statements sound horrible when referencing African Americans or Hispanics how doesn't the same logic apply when referencing homosexuals?

Growing up, my mother always had this saying when I was being critical of someone: "Walk a mile in their shoes before you pass judgment, Jared." So I ask, have you walked a mile in the shoes of a homosexual? Do you understand the world from their view? Do you feel the discrimination they face?

Vote NO on the marriage amendment.

Jared Sanow




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