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Community participation

November 1, 2012
By Gustavo Estrada , Marshall Independent

Community involvement in civic engagement is a participation very important for citizens to help to develop a good future in their community.

We know the Marshall community has a good participation of leaders. They work voluntarily, giving their time and their energy just for one goal, one dream: to see their community prosper. They offer citizens a good model for life.

Our community, our school and other entities are always looking for leaders. Leaders can make good changes for our families, children and citizens in general.

When we think about community and how many things are involved in the community, we can say everything belongs to the community. I am saying this in the sense that, for me, school is the main piece in our community, a piece that brings intellectual development in our children. The school has to be open to bringing organizations, universities and others that help in the development of our children too. Our children need opportunities to learn, to get experience, to hear from outside of the box and expose them to new ways of learning. Because it will give them more experiences to develop a better way to be an individual, with better knowledge, and based on their experiences that they will use in the future.

Community development has changed. It has more needs, more programs developing better ways to help. The education programs in our schools' systems are changing fast, including new technology that makes it easy for students to reach faster what they are learning. Teachers are updating their way of teaching to include this new technology. These new technologies can save money for the school districts. If we see all these things are part of the community participation, leaders looking for help, looking to implement new ways to increase the development in their community. We as parents have the future of our communities in our children.

We believe everything starts at home. We need to make our kids better educated in the sense of being good neighbors, friends, sons or daughters and a good person. We can also give them the experience of participating in something in their lives.

Good experiences come from participation and involvement.

When we see something positive in the development of our community, we should try to learn more about it. Then we could help to reach this goal, participate in and be part of the future of our community.

I want to finish by telling you that the prosperity of our home, community, city and country is in our hands. With our dedication, participation, support and commitment we can achieve it together.



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