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City elections results

November 7, 2012
Marshall Independent

Arco: Todd Dressen received 30 votes for mayor. Owen Blegen and Tory Salamone each received 22 votes for council,

Balaton: Del Rutz was named mayor with 281 votes. Scott Wood received 253 votes and Greg Erickson received 248 votes and were elected to city council.

Canby: Eugene Bies was elected mayor with 661votes; Denise Hanson was elected councilmember with 653 votes and write-in received 301. Special election council received 290 votes for write-in.

Clarkfield: Gene Kockelman was elected mayor with 348 votes; David R. Biermaier received 301 votes for special election for council, write-in received 50.

Cottonwood: Ellen Lenz was elected mayor with 514 votes. Dan Louwagie was named to the city council with 564 votes.

Currie: Dwight Koster received 68 votes for mayor and Jeb Malone received 46. Robin D. Leonard received 70 votes for council, Richard Illg received 57 votes, Kenneth Bassett received 48 votes, Jennifer Hagedorn received 36 and write-in received 10.

Florence: Jerry Hackmann was elected mayor with 11 votes. Diana Slyter received 12 votes and Cindy Kirk received 10 votes and were elected to city council.

Garvin: Jim Julien was elected mayor with 52 votes. Donald Peterson received 42 votes and Sandy Carlson received 44 votes and were elected to city council.

Ghent: Ronald Sussner was elected mayor with 148 votes. James Illies received 133 votes and Denise Vierstraete received 143 votes and were elected to the city council.

Granite Falls: Dave Smiglewski received 419 for mayor; write-in received 16. Scott A. Peterson was elected as council at large with 373 votes with write-in receiving 42. Joseph Fagnano elected to Ward 1.

Hanley Falls: Richard Lee Hagen received 97 votes and write-in received 5.

Hendricks: Jay Nelson received 180 votes for mayor, Julie Hogie received 150, Richard L. Hurlbut, 6 and write-in 5. Fred Schmidt received 216 votes for council, Judy Pearson, 171, and write-in 78.

Ivanhoe: Doyle Sorensen received 182 votes for mayor; Cara Nielsen, 145. Shad Lipinski received 290 for council, Craig Larson, 235 and write-in, 21.

Lake Benton: Write-in received 190 votes for mayor. Jolean Faaborg received 112 votes for council.

Lynd: Carl Klatt was elected mayor with 121 votes, defeating Diane Boe, who received 54 votes and Scott Walters, who received 18 votes. Jerry Sodemann was elected to the council with 146 votes.

Lucan: Rindy Filzen was elected mayor with 97 votes. P.J. Bock received 61 votes and Christopher Kramer received 76 votes and were elected to the city council.

Milroy: Jeff VanDeWiele was elected mayor with 114 votes. Cheryl Bowman received 109 votes, Larry Karsten received 91 votes and Renee Zwach received 86 votes and were elected to the council.

Minneota: Bill Ufkin was elected mayor with 549 votes. Timothy Koppien received 467 votes and Nancy Riesdorfer received 425 votes and were elected to council.

Porter: Donald Verschelde was elected mayor with 83 votes. Patrick Vlaminck was elected to the council with 89 votes. Kim Jelen was elected clerk with 86 votes.

Russell: Jim Kerkaert was elected mayor with 137 votes. Dave Dubbeldee received 92 votes and Joel VanDamme received 98 votes and were elected to council.

Slayton: Miron Carney was elected mayor with 654 votes, defeating Leland Lokker who received 435. Kristie Blankenship received 547 votes and Chris Jacobson received 408 votes and were elected to council.

Taunton: Mike Breyfogle was elected mayor with 58 votes. Shannon Brewers received 52 votes and Rusty Rhymer received 45 votes and were elected to council.

Tracy: Steve Ferrazzano received 666 votes, Kurt Enderson received 673 votes and Charlie Snyder received 721 votes and were elected to city council.

Tyler: Kurt Thomsen was elected mayor with 551 votes. Merv Peterson was elected to city council with 502 votes.

Vesta: Tiffany Hansen received 27 votes for mayor, while there were 61 write-in votes. Corey Jenniges received 49 votes, Karen Lemke received 72 votes and Cassandra Engelmann received 49 votes and were elected to city council.

Wabasso: Brad Pitzl was elected mayor with 244 votes. Carole Remiger received 236 votes and Rachel Ingebretson received 220 votes and were elected to city council.

Walnut Grove: Greg Hansen was elected mayor with 264 votes. Todd Harrington received 235 votes and Xiong Yang received 250 votes and were elected to city council.

Wood Lake: DeWayne Schaffran was elected mayor with 174 votes. Sean Brovold received 159 votes and Tammi Mueller received 155 votes and were elected to city council.



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