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Their vision of Christmas

Marshall preschoolers share their views on the upcoming holiday, including ones on the jolly man in the red suit

December 24, 2012
By Jenny Kirk , Marshall Independent

MARSHALL ? Christmas, through the eyes of a child, is much different than that of an adult. While many adults get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday routines, like last-minute baking, shopping and present-wrapping, kids seem to thrive on the wonder of Christmas.

According to the youngsters in the Wee Care Preschool 5-year-old-class, Christmas is a magical time, with so much to look forward to.

"I'm excited to celebrate Jesus' birthday," Kalub Shaw said.

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Photo by Jenny Kirk
A handful of youngsters took time to visit with Santa at St. Stephen Church recently.

Most of the kids were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa. Traeh Siekmann-Adams explained how Santa knows what children want every year.

"When he comes to grandma's, you sit on his lap and tell him what you want," she said. "The kids tell him, like a DS game, and then that's what you do. That's all I want."

Xander Winter said he had a lot of items on his Christmas list this year.

"I want a lot of stuff," he said. "Mostly toys. There's a control one where I want a toy motorcycle."

Matthew Cauwels is also hoping for a remote controlled vehicle.

"I'd like a remote control yellow car," he said. "It's awesome. Also a tractor that turns around all day and I don't even have to control it. And then it hooks up a plow. It backs up and then the plow sticks onto it."

Ashlynn Landgraff said she had been good all year.

"I'm on the good list," she said. "I want a poop and pee baby."

Emma McKeever said she asked Santa for a dress with a wand and make-up.

"Real make-up," she said. "I want a McKenna doll, too. She's an American doll. I saw it in a doll magazine. She has the same color hair as mine."

Shanna Boerboom had one special item on her list.

"I want a rabbit," she said.

There was only one item that Halle DeVos wanted from Santa as well. She also admitted that she received some really nice things last year.

"A doll," she said. "A Barbie doll."

Matthew Bauer said he'd been good this year and was hopeful for one gift from Santa.

"An iPod," he said.

Spencer Brink had an unusual item on his list this year.

"I asked for a bell off of his sleigh," Brink said. "A real bell, and I will hang it on a door."

So what does Santa look like, according to the preschool students?

"I know what he looks like," Siekmann-Adams said. "He has a fat belly, and he has a beard and he has a hat. And his belly is really big."

Sam Geihl, who would like a Wii U, Nintendo DS and a Playstation this year, also had thoughts about what Santa looks like.

"I know he has a beard and a red suit and a hat like an elf," he said

Other students also added to the mystery.

"I think he has a red nose, like Rudolph," McKeever said.

"He wears a red suit," Austin Quist said. "He has a long beard."

"He has a long beard," Shaw said. "He never cuts it."

"I think he has a red suit," DeVos said. "I think he's tall."

Since everyone is fast asleep by the time Santa visits on Christmas Eve, the preschool students also had varying ideas on how Santa gets the presents under the tree each year.

"I think he just drops them in the chimney," said Karsten Springborg, who is hoping for a Wii U this Christmas. "I don't have a chimney. I think he just goes in the door."

"Some people have chimneys and he goes down that," DeVos said. "But I don't have a chimney. I think he probably knows our garage door number, and he closes it really slow and then he can walk in the door and close it."

"He has magic power," said Quist, who wants a DS.

"He's sneaky," Cauwels.

"He goes in your house and puts them under your tree," Geihl said. "But sometimes you always don't get want you want. That's OK. I get other stuff I want."

"He gets through your house with magic, and he leaves presents and he eats cookies and drinks the milk," McKeever said.

"He goes down the fireplace and then he just puts them under your tree," Siekmann-Adams said. "Well, I don't have a fireplace. He must go out the door."

"He goes down the chimney," Bauer said. "I know how he puts the presents under the tree so fast. He's magic."

"I don't have a chimney," Landgraff said. "He must use the deck door or the front door. I think he just dumps the toys out and leaves."

"I think he just opens the door quietly and gets to our Christmas tree, quietly, without waking me up," Winter said. "I'm really close to the living room. He better not laugh. If I hear him, I'd get up."

Winter and a few of the other children also shared how they thought Santa got all around the world so quickly.

"He flies his sleigh all the way to the houses," Winter said. "I think he, when it's almost morning and when he gets tired, he can just use his magic to get the rest of the presents where they need to go."

"With the reindeers," Shaw said. "They can fly."

"A sleigh," Brink said. "It's big."

"He rides his sleigh," DeVos said.

So what do the preschoolers know about Santa's elves?

"They fly," Bauer said.

"I saw one at my house," Quist said. "(The Elf on a Shelf) shows up every day. He makes sure you're being good and he sits there very still."

"I think they look like Santa but no beard," Geihl said. "And smaller."

"They're little," Brink said.

So how many toys do the kids think an elf can make in one day?

"One hundred and fifty-eight," Quist said.

"A lot," Geihl said. "Maybe they have a speed potion."

"I have a real elf that hides and goes to Santa's workshop," McKeever said. "They can make lots of toys."

"The elves make the presents to give to the kids," DeVos said. "I think they can make two presents in one day."

"One hundred," Brink said. "Only Santa's elves make the presents."

The children also had a lot to say about Santa's reindeer, a few of which visited Marshall recently.

"He has eight of them," Springborg said. "He uses magic to get them to fly."

"I think they fly," DeVos said. "Rudolph, I think, would be in the front, to guide his sleigh. He has a red nose, or Santa would fall somewhere. But they only fly on Christmas Eve."

"Santa uses reindeer," Geihl said. "He uses magic to get them to fly. I know it's magic words to make them fly because they hear him say it."

"Do you know how Santa can see when it's really foggy?" Shaw said. "Cause Rudolph has a glowing nose. He goes in the front."

Shaw also had an idea how Santa got the reindeer to fly.

"I think he whistles," Shaw said.

Shortly before heading off to bed on Christmas Eve, some of the kids said they would be leaving milk and cookies for Santa. So what kind of cookie is his favorite?

"Chocolate chip," McKeever said.

"I just give him whatever cookies, and he eats them," Landgraff said. "But I don't know how Santa eats. His beard is in the way."



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