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Memories of the 1963 championship season

April 22, 2013
By Ellayne Conyers , Marshall Independent

Part VII

"The other thing about Glenn is how well he scouted Anoka," George Korver said. "He assigned me to sit down during that game and shot chart these Anoka players. And, of course, all their scores. we called that "in the paint" which means none of their shots were farther than 10 feet from the basket. And so, that was a decision after looking at that, Glenn decided to put that zone on. And it was the same zone that the kids had used before in one of our season games with Jackson. Anyway, that was used against Anoka and everybody knows what happened because of it. So, that was another real key adjustment they made.

Now, the other thing that nobody talks about is our final game with Cloquet, [Glenn] switched the line up. We started Webb in the place of MacDonald because of increased speed, but we lost it in rebounding. And we also started playing a zone, but as it's been pointed out - quite obvious - Cloquet knew how to shoot the ball from outside. And Glenn's idea was to give them a different look with more speed to match Cloquet's speed. What happened then was, at the first time out, Glenn switched back to a man-to-man to match up with putting MacDonald back in. People probably often wondered since all during the year that five [Nefstead, Porter, Johnson, Schroeder and MacDonald] had started, and then all of a sudden a change in the last game!"

Korver said that he had a lot of respect for Glen Mattke and, he says, the kids did too, and all the bench kids too. Not much has been mentioned about David Webb, and he was a very active part, as well as other players too like Brad Murphy and Darryl Otten and Dick Larson and John Kirscht - he was a left-handed player from Porter's neighborhood. David Markell was a lightener up type of guy - and Darryl Otten was that way too - they could get the guys to lighten up a little bit in the locker room during those tense times.

I was a part of the half-time display as far as who was doing the scoring on the opposition and making little recommendations for key things for what to do defensively to slow down the other team. I remember specifically the game with Milroy was quite close until "Red" Schroeder disrupted the play. He used a very fast - and I remember him timing it just right - beautiful interception and going the distance for a score that kind of changed the complexion of that particular game. It was a game where Milroy (whose Coach had played on the famous Lynd team Schurr).that team could be very, very competitive, in fact, so competitive it would be surprising because they did not turn the ball over. It was not any wasted effort. When they came down with the ball they always scored.

They had a plan. They knew what they were gonna do before they even got the ball. You don't see that .the cohesiveness. That was because of the time they had played together.

So it was a great experience for me. My first year in Marshall. I had coached four years at Lake Field, Minnesota. I was head coach for basketball there, so my teams had to play against Worthington, Jackson, Windom, Mountain Lake. And these were the teams who I was kind of familiar with. And so very good competitive basketball. So, just thinking about that very short time I got to be with them and then the next year the same situation, and like Whitey Johnson said, we got beat out by 2 points in Hutchinson. Another interesting thing about that - the leading scorer from Hutchinson was a 6'2" left hander. I said I knew him when he was in grade school because his dad was my high school basketball coach for my last two years.

It was a great experience, and it was really a boost, it seemed like we liked it here and that's why we stuck around in Marshall 50 years!

I remember Red Sanderson he was the master of ceremonies he said, "Marshall Tigers Pickled Beet Packers!" It was a hot day 80 degrees. Yeah, and we were riding in the back of convertibles and it was hot. Of course, we had to have our suit coats on in those days. It was hot!

I know it was a great time for the wives, you know, for Darlene and Jane. And they with Mac Weiner (Marshall Police Chief's wife) were together at all the games. George's brother from Dallas at the time was able to see the tournament also as he was in the Cities on business."



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