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Tiger track teams sweep Pipestone

April 27, 2013
Marshall Independent

In just their second outdoor meets of the season, the Marshall boys' and girls' track and field teams emerged with a pair of victories in Pipestone on Friday. How they won, however, was an entirely different manner.

The girls' team took top honors in eight events, including three from Sarah Buysse, and cruised to 211 points. Southwest Minnesota Christian scored 99.5 points to take second place.

Marshall's boys' team eked past Redwood Valley by a half-point, 127-126.5. Andrew Bell ran 3200 meters in 10 minutes, 13 seconds to claim Marshall's first event championship, while Promise Nkwocha leapt 41-feet-6.75 inches to take top honors in the Triple Jump.

"Promise had to be a close second in the voting for athlete of the meet with his second (place finish) in the 100 meter, his first place in the Triple Jump and his second place finish in the 300m hurdles," Marshall boys' head coach Mike Jacobs said. "He was certainly one of the star athletes."

Nkwocha ran the 100 meter dash in 11.87 and complete the 300 meter hurdles in a time of 41.88, just two seconds off the conference record, despite not practicing the event in over a week.

"I think one day before the last snow storm and we were outside, he maybe practiced one 20 second segment on the intermediate hurdles and he hasn't practiced since," Jacobs said. "I just stuck him in there and he gets this 41.88. For somebody who hasn't worked on it, to come in there and your first race to be in the 41-second range, that was just something that we haven't seen from our hurdlers in a long, long time."

Fact Box

Boys' Team Results: 1. Marshall 127; 2. Redwood Valley 126.5; 3. Murray County Central; 4. Fulda 72; 5. Flandreau (S.D.) 69; 6. Yellow Medicine East 65.5; 7. Southwest Minnesota Christian 43.5; 8. Pipestone 28; 9. Adrian 20.5; 10. Russell-Tyler-Ruthton 8.

Marshall boys' individual results:

200m: 3. Sam Marshall 24.08

400m: 5. Salah Haji 58.87

100m: 2. Promise Nkwocha 11.87

1,600m: 2. Wade DeAustin 4:57

300m Hurdles: 2. Nkwocha 41.88; 4th Ryan Schultz 45.34

3200m: 1. Andrew Bell 10:13

110m Hurdles: 4. Dan West 17.26

4x100m Relay: 2. Rhett Struve, Jacob Falconer, Trevor Johnson, John Lothert 47.83

4x800m: 3. Bell, DeAustin, Blaine Moran, Ethan Hart 9:17.00

4x400m: 2. Zach Drumm, Nkwocha, Haji, Marshall 3:39.64

High Jump: 4. Schultz 5-08

Long Jump: 3. Struve 19-06

Triple Jump: 1. Nkwocha 41-06.75; 4. Drumm 39-03.5; 5. John Lothert 38-03.5

Shot Put: 3. Brock Baumgarn 40-10.75

Discus: 3. Baumgarn 119-06; 6. Brandon Appel 108-07

Girls' Team Results: 1. Marshall 211; 2. SWC 99.5; 3. MCC 74; 4. Pipestone 63.5; 5. YME 56; 6. Flandreau 41; 7. Adrian 32; 8. RTR 30; 9. Fulda 28; 10. Redwood Valley 27.

Marshall Girls' Individual Results

100m: 1. Sarah Buysse 13.14

200m: 1. Buysse 27.22

400m: 1. Buysse 1:02.66; 2. Jenna Christianson 1:04.64

800m: 1. Maddie Verschaetse 2:35:98; 2. Samantha Giannelli 2:36.98; 3. Courtney Mauch 2:37.75

1600m: 1. Claire Boersma 5:30.10; 2. Nichole Sample 5:32.47; 3. Jackie Turner 5:34.48

3200m: 2. Sydney Blomme 12:36.59; 4. Shyla Hansen 12:40.23

110m Hurdles: 1. Rachel Miller 17.63

300m Hurdles: 3. Miller 54.32; 6. Ashley Dunn 59.64

4x100m: 2. Kendra Soupir, Giannelli, Belle Dieken, Brittany Andreas 55.10

4x200m: 3. Abby Louwagie, Lucress St-Louis, Sarah Andersen, Soupir 1:57.63

4x400m: 1. Christianson, Louwagie, Verschaetse, Sample 4:26.15

4x800m: 1. Boersma, Sample, Christianson, Verschaetse 10:22.00

Long Jump: 3. Andersen 15-10.5

Triple Jump: 2. Andersen 31-08; 4. Sophia Buysse 29-07.5

Shot Put: 1. Kayla Wartner 30-06; 5. Haley Bennett 27-09, 6. Sara Antony 26-03.5

Discus: 3. Antony 83-06; 4. Wartner 82-03; 5. Bennett 80-06

Wade DeAustin also had an excellent meet for the Tigers, setting a personal record in the 1,600 meter run with a time of 4:57.

Though the Tigers just slipped past their Southwest Conference rivals, Jacobs said the measurables in general were encouraging.

"A lot of the times, the heights and the jumps are fairly respectable for it only being our second outdoor meet," he said. "I think we've got a good start, it's just a matter of juggling around some of the relays."

If Nkwocha was nearly athlete of the meet on the boys' side, than Marshall's Sarah Buysse was undoubtedly the star of the girls' competition.

Buysse won the 100 meter, 200 meter and 400 meter sprints with times of 13.14, 27.22 and 1:02.66 respectively. Friday was also Buysse's first outdoor meet of the season.

"Sarah wasn't with us in Austin, so that was her first outdoor meet and she was only with us for one of our indoor meets," Marshall girls' head coach Marie Sample said. "She really hasn't had a lot of practice, and I've been working hard, training her for the 400. She really hasn't been doing any sprint training. She's very versatile at the moment, I can use her in the 100, 200, 400 or 800."

Maddie Verschaetse also finished in first place in three events for the Tigers, completing the 800 meter run in 2:35.98, while participating on a pair of first-place relays.

Marshall's 4x400 and 4x800 meter relay teams feature Verschaetse, Jenna Christianson and Nichole Sample. Claire Boersma runs on the 4x800 team, while Abby Louwagie is on the 4x400. The Tigers won the two events with times of 4:26.15 and 10:22.00.

"Maddie is a good leader, she's our senior on that squad," Sample said. "I kind of told her that this is your team and it's being built to get you to state this year. Nichole and Claire, they've got lots of potential and years to come, but, Maddie, this is her last shot at it. We're really kind of gearing it around Maddie and Jenna. They're starting to gel and they're starting to dream together."

Rachel Miller and Kayla Wartner were the other individual champions for Marshall in Pipestone. Miller won the 110 meter hurdles with a time of 17.63, while Wartner set a personal record in the Shot Put at 30-06.

Both Marshall track and field teams will be back in action on Tuesday as they travel to Brookings (S.D.) for a meet.



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