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Spending time at the fair

August 10, 2013
By Cindy Votruba , Marshall Independent

Sure it may seem like that when I'm at an event such as the Lyon County Fair or Boxelder Bug Days, I'm doing a story or taking photos. But there are times when I go to a summer festival for the extreme fun of it. Last year, I brought my brother to Boxelder Bug Days. I've been to Benton-Fremont Days/Te Tonka Ha Rendezvous in Lake Benton when I didn't have a camera in my hand.

It's nice to sometimes experience what the communities in this area can offer. And it was awesome to get into the Lyon County Fair for free this year. From the crowds I've seen, it looks like people definitely took advantage. Whether it's petting a fainting goat, marveling at a 4-H kid's project or checking out the musical entertainment on the free stage, there was something for everyone.

When I saw that Monroe Crossing was hitting the free stage this year, I hoped that I wouldn't have to work Friday night. Then I had to hint to Ross that we should go. So we arrived at the fair about five minutes before the 6 p.m. performance. He makes a detour to get a corn dog. I figured I could forgo eating until after the concert. There was a good-sized crowd already under the tent, and we ended up next to folks from Iowa. The music was great, the crowd was receptive and you just didn't want the hour to end. Sure the band had to compete at times with the music from the midway, but nobody minded.

Once the concert was over, I went to the 4-H food stand for dinner. It seems like there's a new item every year. I hadn't seen a chicken strip wrap on the menu before, so I had that with the Pepsi I bought at the building next to the rolle bolle courts. Ross had gone off somewhere, but we got together to check out some of the 4-H projects. I liked a couple that included a play kitchen one 4-H member made for his cousin and a kitty condo a girl made from old mailboxes. There were quite a few creative minds there.

During the evening, I went off to do my own thing for a bit and texted Ross asking where he was. He responded with the coin drop game. After spending $7, he came away with some random doodads - a necklace and bracelet set, a bottle opener key chain, a little Coke glass and a butterfly barrette. Guess what I got?

Then came the time to explore the animal barns - from the poultry to the cattle to the rabbits, horses and pigs, along with the other animals. Ross likes to pet any animal. We also joined the teeming crowd at the exotic animals petting zoo. Once of the little fainting goats took off from its pen and joined the pen of a couple of other goats - "we've got a runner" was heard. Deer also started nibbling at my shirt.

The weather was nice, the atmosphere was energized and it was just a good night to be out. It was "that moment," you know. The one you wish would never end. Toward the end of the night, Ross had a malt, we went through the commercial building, and we were pretty much ready to hit the road. Realization hit that I had to return the next day to the fair to actually work this time. It was during my work day that I got to check out the Timbersports show, kneel in wood shavings at the ribbon auction and watch kids from ages 4-11 try their best at the kiddy tractor pull. But I did find some time to enjoy after shooting photos at the demolition derby - a burger with grilled onions at the Holy Redeemer Church food stand, another evening with Ross and yet some more decent weather. What more could one ask for?



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