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Editor's column: Homemade cards, whistles and lint rollers

November 30, 2013
By Per Peterson , Marshall Independent

The night before Thanksgiving members of the city of Garvin's two churches got together for a special pre-Thanksgiving service. We passed a microphone around and were given the chance to tell everyone in attendance what we are thankful for. Most, including myself, declared our thanks for the obvious things: our families, our health, having God in our lives.

This not only satisfied my public speaking requirement for 2014, it also inspired me to make my own list - one that probably isn't appropriate to share in a church setting where things are usually more on the serious side.

So, without further ado, here's my personal Thankful List for 2014:

I'm thankful no one forced me to watch Lady Gaga and the Muppets on Thanksgiving night. Nightmares would've been inevitable.

I'm thankful it's two days after Thanksgiving and we don't have snow on the ground.

I'm thankful for shootouts in pro hockey.

I'm thankful when my e-mail box is empty.

I'm thankful for getting help around the house from my 11-year-old daughter without having to ask.

I'm thankful for "Modern Family" marathons.

I'm thankful every time I hear my daughter say "Dad." Fine, not every time.

I'm thankful for parents who don't smother their children.

I'm thankful for cell phones, even though I despise them.

I'm thankful there are people around who still cut things out of a newspaper and prefer to actually hold a paper in their hands and not just skim stories online.

I'm thankful for being able to coach the TMB sixth-grade girls basketball team, even though it's a weekly reminder of how out of shape I am.

I'm thankful for the invention of the whistle so I can keep said sixth-graders in line - not even their shrilly screams are louder than my whistle.

I'm thankful for the homemade cards kids make.

I'm thankful for lint rollers. (With four pets and a daughter who has a hint of obsessive-compulsiveness, you would be, too).

I'm thankful I don't have to travel for the holidays (unless you count walking as traveling).

I'm thankful for Christian Ponder - hey, who else can hand the ball off to AP with such fluid accuracy? (Prediction: Peterson will rush for more than 200 yards Sunday; you saw it here first).

I'm thankful for space heaters and fleece.

I'm thankful for falling gas prices - reminder: The average price for a gallon of unleaded was $3.41 a year ago. It's something.

I'm thankful they're still making board games.

And I'm thankful to those of you who made it through another one of my columns.



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