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Do you think minimum wage should go up in Minnesota?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jul-04-13 11:49 AM

The proper minimum wage is zero.

Government has no business intruding on this very basic contract between individuals in a free society.

To those that would say employers would pay next to nothing for labor, then why doesn't everyone make just minimum wage now?

It also reduces opportunities for those trying to get into the job market.

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May-05-13 2:02 PM

Raising the minimum wage would definitely be a plus for those it applies to. But with other obstacles recently put in place it may not have the overall effect you are looking for. Employers will see a significantly higher rate when looking at the full burdened rate of an employee. Then you must add the cost of ObamaCare and overall increase of taxes that have gone beyond the 1%. It's likely many businesses will expand on the trend of doing with the employees they already have rather than hiring or in some cases cutting their work force to make budget. It's easy to vilify employers as "holding back" on what they can pay without taking into consideration in this economy many are just holding on.

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May-04-13 5:44 PM

What it will do is reduce job opportunities for those need entry level jobs.

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May-01-13 4:58 PM

Excellent point bystander. Raising the minimum wage is a common sense solution for stimulating the economy while reducing the number of families living below the poverty line. Republicans often complain that too many individuals are looking to welfare instead of work - so lets reward those who work by paying them a living wage.

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May-01-13 11:59 AM

What it would do is increase consumer spending--people who live on minimum wage spend pretty much all of it on consumer goods--food, clothing, gas, etc. I think you'd see a bigger trickle down effect from that than you would from the so-called job creators that pretty much just sit on the corporate welfare that they receive--or pay it out in huge bonuses to their CEOs while cutting wages or jobs of the people that help their companies be successful.

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May-01-13 9:02 AM

This does not create jobs, it reduces jobs for those that need them.

Combined with tax increases and stupid spending, this would prolong the recession in MN.

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