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How did you come away from President Obama's address Tuesday night?

  1. Satisfied
  2. Dissatisfied
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Sep-11-13 11:04 AM

The President is inept - in dealing with the middle east, Benghazi, the IRS, healthcare, etc. You name it he has failed.

Syria is a sick joke - the Russians are playing him again.

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Sep-11-13 12:02 PM

This is a great opportunity to get back on better better terms with Putin and Russia. It's called diplomacy.

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Sep-11-13 12:06 PM

You are wet behind the ears - Putin plays Obama like a fiddle.

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Sep-11-13 12:08 PM

Couldn't stand to watch the whole speech. He should send Putin a thank you note for giving him an easy out on Syria.

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Sep-11-13 4:32 PM

I am disappointed in our allies for their apathy concerning the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Its unfortunate that a threat of violence was needed to get Russia and Syria to the bargaining table. Negotiating a peaceful resolution will be difficult but better than the alternative. I think Obama deserves credit for his handling of the situation. I wouldn't wish this problem on any President. There is no "win-win" solution, just ask the Syrian people.

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Sep-11-13 5:58 PM

Old - what about the killing of Christians, other civilians, and of course the massive refugee problem? And you are only concerned about chemical weapons?

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Sep-11-13 6:44 PM

I am thankful for the common sense our allies displayed. The Assad regime doesn't want us and the Al Qaeda backed rebels don't want us. All any of them want is our weapons and resources. It's time we stopped wasting American lives and resources in places that would rather see America in ruin. As far as bringing Russia to the bargaining table, I don't think so. Their in the drivers seat.

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Sep-12-13 12:43 AM

He’s placing the blame on Congress without acknowledging its authority for a military act that isn’t war, in pursuit of a goal he doesn’t explain, over a duration that is not short but not long, which will be no more than pinprick but less, one assumes, than a shaving cut.

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Sep-12-13 5:15 AM

Pretty much anytime you put "president" and "obama" in the same sentence, I am dissatisfied.

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Sep-12-13 9:22 AM

Al, Christians? Who gives a bleep what they are?...They are "people" first. Your stupid comment brings a little thing called the "Crusades" to mind.

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Sep-12-13 9:25 AM

Cosidering the fact that he either is lying or making excuses or blaming others everytime he opens his mouth it was what I expected.

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Sep-12-13 10:36 AM

blasphemer - correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the crusades were over 700 years ago, followed by the muslim empire building and similar atrocities. When did you ever hear me say either of these was acceptable human behavior?

You should be ashamed of yourself.

I guess I wouldn't have wanted to be a Jew living in Germany during WW2 and having you for a neighbor so you could put me on a train headed for the gas chambers.

Do you ever think before you post?

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Sep-12-13 11:55 AM

Al, You of all people have no business asking anyone if they think before they post.

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Sep-12-13 2:23 PM

I find it very disturbing that some people are so quick to seize on semi-truths to justify turning a blind eye to a nation gassing their own people. We're okay with kids dying twitching like bug-bombed roaches because some (like 15%) of the rebels are backed by Al Queda.

To continue Al's WWII analogy, he might not be the neighbor shipping kids off to the gas chamber, but he sure would have been the one saying "not my people, not my problem".

As far as Russia goes, I believe they are merely acting as a broker between Syria and the US for implementing Kerry's idea, aren't they?

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Sep-12-13 4:43 PM

Good points SEL.

Isn't it odd that the same individuals who were all for invading a sovereign nation on just the suspicion Weapons of Mass Destruction existed can't justify ANY response to a nation actually using WMD's.

It's evident Republicans will do everything possible to obstruct - even if it has the potential to weaken America's global influence. They are nothing but a worthless bunch of sniveling duplicitous parasites posing as Legislators.

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Sep-12-13 4:44 PM

SEL - I hope that was sarcasm - you couldn't be that dumb.

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Sep-12-13 5:29 PM

Hartman, keep in mind those worthless, sniveling, duplicitous, parasites are only able to cause the harm and national embarrassment they do because under-educated, misinformed, misanthropic, "patriotic", "Christian", wanna-be millionaires (and a few real ones) keep electing them.

If not for those deluded voters we wouldn't have to cringe watching Michele Bachmann make a fool of herself while embarrassing the nation talking to the Egyptian people like they're a bunch of developmentally delayed first graders.

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Sep-13-13 11:55 AM

Let's look at the facts starting with the WMDs H75 is talking about. Hussein used them on the Kurds in northern Iraq and I believe he used them against Iran in the border conflicts with them. He had them we just didn't find them. What we did find was the scud missiles with chemical tanks ready to load. This was in a country that had already invaded one of it's neighbors that we had relations with. Hussein was rebuilding his military and repositioning for more aggressive action. We also had international support and support at home for military action. The US has zero international support for involvement in Syria's civil war and very little domestic support. As much I distrust Russia they have played this very well. They will maintain good relations with a long time partner, prevent another international conflict and come away looking like first class diplomats.

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Sep-13-13 12:06 PM

Children losing their lives is tragic. But for those who support US military action in Syria I would like you to post your response to this. Are you willing to send your 18 year old son or daughter to be an infantry soldier in this conflict ?? That is the child you raised in your home with an M16 in one and gas mask in the other in support of an internal conflict in a country that would like to see America in ashes. This conflict will not be settled with cruise missiles it will take troops on the ground. Who volunteers send their son or daughter to Syria ???

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Sep-13-13 3:03 PM

Scout - Nobody volunteers to send their kids off to fight a war. Last time I checked, you have to be 18 to serve in the US military. Old enough to decide for themselves if fighting a war is what they want to do. If I had a child that wanted to serve and fight I would be proud as he!! that he or she has the courage to do what most other people are not willing to do to protect others.

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Sep-13-13 3:28 PM

Don't dance around the point Monkeyman. Is the internal Syrian conflict important enough to you to risk your child's life regardless of their age ? It's a yes or no question.

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Sep-13-13 3:52 PM

Nobody volunteers to send his/her child. Adults go to war in this country. As parents, you have to be willing to support their decision at that point in their life, whether you agree with it or not. Cut the cord and stop helicoptering your children.

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Sep-13-13 4:01 PM

Farmkid,another voice who won't answer the question. Let me rephrase. Is the internal Syrian conflict important enough to you to justify the death of your adult son or daughter who enlisted of their own free will ?

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Sep-13-13 5:44 PM

Scout, you must have a source in the Pentagon giving you information that has not been released to the public, because the public has emphatically been told there will be no boots on the ground.

To answer your question, no, I wouldn't want one of my children on the ground fighting in Syria, but it is a moot point so no-one is talking about putting U.S. forces on the ground in Syria.

As far as the stated mission, to deny Assad the ability to deploy WMD's against his own people, the USAF and USN are more than capable of doing that without a single U.S. service member on the ground. Air and sea power can easily destroy the enemy; you only need ground forces if you plan to occupy the territory afterword.

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Sep-13-13 5:53 PM

As to your question, Scout, could I justify the death of one of my children as long as they believed in what they were doing.

This is a mission I would volunteer for if I was still in the service, just like I volunteered (but wasn't sent) to deploy to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War to help defend Kuwait.

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