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Do you agree with how the U.S. handled the prisoner swap this past weekend?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jun-03-14 8:05 AM

So we let the 5 worst prisoners go in exchange for a particle of excrement? Meanwhile an actual hero sits in a Mexican prison. Tragic.

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Jun-03-14 10:39 PM

It really surprises me how blatantly stupid this seems to be. There must be something more that we are not being told.

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Jun-04-14 3:34 PM

I agree with both of you, but westline you shouldn't be so surprised of the decisions "blatant stupidity" when you consider the source. And of course there is much more to this than we are being told. Once again the, "most transparent" administration is lying and breaking the law. But we should be used to that by now, VA scandal, IRS scandal, NSA spying, fast and furious, etc. etc.. The only thing transparent in the Obama regime is the space between their ears. Sumyounguy your right, we give up 5 terrorists,( the ones the Taliban specifically asked for), in exchange for what appears to be a traitor. The particle of excrement of more concern is the large pile thats been stinking up the oval office for six years.

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Jun-04-14 6:11 PM

This has gone way beyond stupid. It was done deliberately the same as Fast and Furious, giving a solar company 500 million when they knew it was going broke, Bengazi, Obamacare, inviting illegals to this country, and countless other actions that would take to long to mention that have demeaned this country. Treason is about the only word that can describe all these actions.

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Jun-05-14 3:53 PM

Regardless of the rightness or wrongness of this prisoner swap, "particle of excrement" is not a term that should ever be applied to a human being, no matter what they may have done.

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Jun-06-14 7:54 AM

Crunchycon, how about Manson, Hitler, or Stalin?

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Jun-06-14 10:32 AM

Sumyounguy: Nope. Still human, with all the inherent dignity that entails, despite their horrific acts. Note that I am NOT saying that justice should be overlooked. But justice and vengeance are different things, and very often the first step in going from one to the other is in dehumanizing the individuals involved.

If Bergdahl is indeed guilty of treason, let him have his day in court, and let justice be done.

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Jun-06-14 11:22 AM

Awh come on Crunchy, your giving some people too much credit. Just because they are human doesn't mean they have dignity. Dignity is a measure of how you act, treat other people etc. For many people true dignity is more difficult to maintain as they get more power or get more desperate.

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Jun-06-14 11:29 AM

This swap is just another failure in Obama's long list. Someone needs to take away this idots pen and phone.

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Jun-06-14 1:24 PM

Scout - we're using different senses of the word "dignity". I'm using the sense of "inherent worth"; you're using something more like "elevation of character".

You can be the biggest rascal in the world, even to the point of deserving death, and you still retain some basic worth *as a human*, no?

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Jun-06-14 7:50 PM

First, find me one conservative politician that was opposed to the swap the day before it happened. Find me a article a tweet anything John McCain or any other down with the government junk talker posted about Bowe Bergdahl prior to his release. The government put this man to war and no matter the issue is responsible to bring him back if feasible, period. His actions can be judged after he comes back, assessment on his mental state and motives will be made, so be it. But just more playing politics on the right.

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Jun-06-14 9:57 PM

Very few people have mentioned sending 5 terrorists back to kill more Americans. Guess that's OK with half of you. What more would you expect from the Muslim leader?

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Jun-07-14 10:30 AM

Really, the reason no conservative politician,(which certainly isn't John McCain) objected to the swap before it happened is because they didn't know. Your liberal messiah,(in direct violation of a law enacted by democrats to prevent little Barry from doing exactly what he did,) didn't inform congress of the swap. Funny to how you talk about the governments responsibility to bring Bergdahl home, how'd that work out for the Americans left to die in Benghazi? Must help if your a traitorous muslim, but as Hitlery said, "what difference does it make". As far as Bergdahl's actions being judged now that he is back I'm all for it. If the evidence shows that Bergdahl is a deserter who then helped the enemy the penalty is death by hanging or firing squad. Now as a civilian who never served in the military,(at least not ours) Barry's conviction of treason just gets him the rope.

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Jun-07-14 11:49 AM

Crunchy- we are using slightly different definitions of dignity but they are probably very close to the same.

I suppose if you are religious you could believe the biggest rascal in the world has some worth as a human. I don't think they do. I believe that if an individuals actions are evil enough that person ceases to have any worth.

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Jun-07-14 11:55 AM

Excellent memory and logic Kaptain. Lefties like to confuse issues with random thought. Had Barry consulted Congress at least 30 days before, there would have been bi-partisan objection. But like any dictator, he does whatever he wants. It would be refreshing to see him use his pen or phone for a good cause, like freeing a prisoner in Mexico.

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Jun-07-14 12:03 PM

Take a look at the details of this illegal trade. Obama did not comply with the requirement to notify congress. He did it against the recommendations of the military and the intelligence community. He set free 5 terrorist leaders to go back and kill more Americans. When members of Bergdahls platoon started speaking out against the trade the White House staff began attacking them. So the White House supports a deserter and attacks the men who remained at their post and did their duty ! We have a disaster in the White House who will trade 5 terrorists for one deserter half way around the world but won't make a public statement about an honored Marine being held just across the border over a mistake.

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Jun-07-14 12:07 PM

The best use we could get from Obama's pen is for him to use it to write his letter of resignation.

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Jun-08-14 10:33 PM

Scout, Kaptain, Rona, West, one of the liberals has multiple accounts for disagreeing with us, because the poll votes are a different story.

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Jun-08-14 11:04 PM

I agree. The agree/disagree tally on my comment slowly rose to about 4 agree-1 disagree, when within about 5 hours, there were 11 additional disagrees. Frankly it doesn't matter how many agree or not, when we are right, we are right.

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Jun-09-14 4:07 AM

Sum you are right with liberal voting more then once. It even happens in elections.

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Jun-09-14 9:36 AM

Your correct sumyounguy always been something fishy about how the numbers add up here. I'll bet they use commoncore math. Westline is right, it doesn't matter what liberals think because logic and reason is not part of their thought process it's all about how they feel. The truth to liberals is something to avoid because it usually exposes the hypocrisy of their sacred cows, like abortion or global warming for examples. If you find yourself debating a liberal bear that in mind, it's like arguing with a cat. And if the liberal is losing the debate they will just call you a racist or homophobe and declare themselves the winner. Years ago my company CO, (a very conservative black man) told me, (in jest) that the only way to change the mind of a liberal was a rock.

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Jun-09-14 11:43 AM

When the vote in the poll goes decidedly against the liberal agenda, I am pretty sure the Independent has staff log on and vote "disagree" with those who support the poll majority.

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Jun-09-14 1:11 PM

Isn't it at least *possible* that the particular sub-set of readers that actually look at the comments (much less vote on them, which is probably even a sub-set of the sub-set) might just randomly happen to skew left-of-center? At most, comments tend to get around 20-30 votes total. That's not a very big statistical sample, and it wouldn't be abnormal at all that a sub-group like that would have a very different makeup than the larger group of people who read the Independent online, which very well might otherwise skew right-of-center.

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Jun-09-14 2:42 PM

That seems very logical Crunchy Con. What fun is a logical *possible*, however, when a mythical conspiracy is available and much more fun.

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Jun-10-14 5:16 PM

Right you are Mel. Not only do we have conspiracies involving our President, there are even conspiracies surrounding the “agree/disagree” vote totals. Clearly something is amiss when more individuals “agree” with logic than the rants of FOX News followers. Paranoia runs rampart in these parts.

Personally I believe that a single American soldier is worth far more than 5 Taliban who’ve been sitting in detention for the past decade but evidently there are some who disagree.

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