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Should the speed limit on Minnesota Hwy. 23 in and around Marshall be lowered?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jun-17-14 10:45 AM

The speed limit should be 60 or 65 from I90 to Hinkley (outside of towns) - including highway improvements to support safe travel at this speed - like the bypass around Marshall with advance stoplight warnings, the passing lane by Cottonwood, the by-pass around Paynesville, etc.

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Jun-16-14 11:02 AM

The speed limits around Marshall are slow enough and the Marshall police good about enforcing them. Stay off your cell phone and pay attention to driving and you will be fine. Your car is not the place to send that text or eat a Big Mac.

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Jun-14-14 8:29 AM

Texting while driving isn't safe at any speed.

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Jun-14-14 8:13 AM

It's obvious, the DOT is only interested in job security for itself. Anyone with any common sense, would know that only lowering the speed limit, will decrease the accidents at the problem intersections. All the flashing lights and extra signs do, is to confuse and distract drivers.

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Jun-13-14 2:29 PM

watch people drive and you will see many on their cell phones or texting. Not paying attention to their primary task which should be safe driving. If they were paying attention there would be many less accidents.

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Jun-11-14 11:01 PM

55 is a safe speed on the 23 bypass, but that speed should be enforced. Many people are driving much faster. The 30mph speed limit on College Drive should also be enforced. Bring on the police and highway patrol and write those tickets!

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Jun-11-14 5:22 PM

Lower the speed limit. Speed kills and many drivers are not paying attention. Just the other day a semi went around a school bus with its arm out on the shoulder and almost hit a little girl getting on the bus. I also see on a daily basis people texting while they are driving and other dumb moves.

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Jun-10-14 7:32 PM

Either the speed limit should be reduced within city limits or signage should be installed to remind those entering 23 that cross traffic does not stop and do not change lanes until highway speed is obtained.

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